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chapter nineteen


do I

  1. catch up on Criminal Minds since Emily Prentiss left
  2. start the deathly journey of L&O SVU
  3. rewatch The X Files and sob a lot
  4. rewatch Lie to Me and sob a lot
  5. start a different new show (leave comment please)




every episode

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Someone on Twitter asked me at the Ask Orange event last week what my favorite thing is about Poussey, and I said “her smile.” Because, although a lot of people talk about how the show is a mix between comedy and drama, being in prison is not necessarily funny. It’s not a funny situation. But there can be people in prison who are naturally funny people, and people that you would enjoy spending time with, enjoy sharing a meal with. Although throughout the season you see that Poussey is frustrated by her incarceration, she has four more years to do there, so it’s not like she can so much see her end date. So I think, in contrast to some of the other characters, she really has to make prison her home, and has to make it livable there. I really enjoyed finding the joy within the fucked up-ness of it. —Samira Wiley
Title: UnknownProsthetic Love
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I was falling in love years before I ever met someone
Like a prayer you don’t expect an answer
Though you ask for one…

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get to know me | Female Characters {2/35} Michelle Simms in Bunheads.

"It’s my zombie apocalypse vegas slut bag. I take it with me to every performance with me always. It has everything you would need in any sort of situation- Money, power bars, water, flaxseed oil, bobby pins, hair spray, ponytail holders, boob tape so your- don’t look so ‘hello’ (…) Condoms, handcuffs, handcuff keys (…) Then of course band-Aids, ace bandage, rape whistle, disposable cellphone, lipstick case you can hide some cyanide in, pretty mace… Mace that comes in a pretty little shiny bottle that if I pulled it out would say to the zombie apocalypse mugger, "don’t be afraid of my pretty shiny bottle. It won’t do anything but blind you!" Oh and here, eyelash glue. And junior mints. ‘Cause seriously, why not?"

"You are not responsible for her anymore, okay?"
"Or, I’m responsible for her for the rest of my life."
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